Saturday, May 29, 2010

Liza and Nasir wedding

having such a nice day today , hang out with beloved cousins and family

today , i just awake around 6.45am
then bgun pge2 jep dh bau asap aym panggang
so hard to breath seyy
ok rmai gle kwn apis and akim tga bkr aym dekt bwh
dlm 20 org ade kot
kesian dorg b'peluh2 bkr aym haha
yooo , dlm pkul 1oam kteorg cmue gerk pe rumah hj Kasbol ;))

love you alwayssss <3
meet my mak and ayah angkat , cik Lut & mak Ram
sakinah is missing , busy played bicycle =,="
meet my beloved Raja Nurulain with her new car , so jelousy babeh
my aunt with Jazarri
gives some hands ;))
izzati , ijah and nina ( the powerpuff girls , haha)

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