Saturday, November 27, 2010

holiday works

My schedule during the recent two-week holiday
if i wake up earlier , for sure watch tom and jerry show with sakinah
cleaning the house (settle down all the angah stuff from her mktb)
hush semngt , brg dy byk suggh bert2 kot nk angt ;(
then skrg tggu brng along plak dri u dy smpai rumh bb lpas nie dy prcticl engnrg kt jb
woo , im the one who alwys tolon kems brng2 dorg , nie klau ude
dh msuk u xtolon angkt brng pape mmg kejm lrr
then watch mtv asian takeaway ; JK (must !) 6.00-7.00
or playing bicycle/badminton
watch OH MY LADY at 8tv 8.30-9.30
(kinda weird watch korean drma in mandrin)
watch movie at hbo (alwys watch the same one)
watch kpop hits at 705/cruel love at kbs world 10.30-11.00
go back to sleep ;)

opps , i spent most of my holiday time with korean things
i'm gonna die , this boredom is killing me =,=

then jumaat lps bru dpt jln2 dgn ibu , pe book fair kt dcm
quite nice lrr byk gle kot novel + + jmpe rmai gle cikgu ssi
mlur sgt , dorg dtg konvo rmai2 kot
ade c.lela , c.juriah , c.rossa , c.fatin , c.hanifah etc
act pe cne nk blie revision book
and and novel "dear john" tpi xde plak
just bought this one

bla bla , esokkn nyee
mission utk mengecat bilik tidur
huh , pge2 jep nina dh kejut2 suo ude dy tolon cat blik
laterly rse mcm abg ble kt rumh
asyik bwt kje2 bert jee
i mean like WHATTTTT
haha i think im the most strong people at home after ayah (perasn terlebih )
i help most of the painting work from a to z
huh , kerja m'gecat blik sumpah mementkan even blik xdelh sebsr mne kn kn
mmg tabik spring laa dekt org ind yg tolon catkn blik sy dlu kih3
the make over finally hbis pkul 7.00pm dri pkul 9.00am start kot
see bru cat dua blik dh lme mcm tu ish ish ish

see how happy sakinah once we finished painting her bedroom

thanks ayah for helping us paint the room , love ude

p/s ; There are many funny things that happen at home, when it seems cik Norazah to return home and spice up the chaos at home , ghaha

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