Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maxi Dress Looks

finally , setlh sekian lme xupdate blog yg dh b'hbuk nie kn kn dpt jugk post sumtink even int pc kt rumh agk kentut2 ckit plus no privacy at all time surf int . arggghhhh ! Ahda ;pP
those girls yg kt bwh nie gives me inspiration how to dress up well in hijjab plus im so atrracted with their maxi dress <3

Yunalis zarai , she's awesome no words to say
meet Hana Tajima , mix japanese-english
i loved the most dress she made at mysaa (uk brands)
i'm going to melt
Aishah amin

loves the way she wearing pashmina
Zafirah hanis
the most vough tesl teacher , haha

p/s : thank you sistar for introduced them to me

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