Thursday, December 30, 2010

rescue man

The winner of Piala Suzuki AFF 2010 . im so proud to be malaysian , congratulation
mantap ! this safee sali (yg tengah) mmg superb terrer . woo suke gle 1st goal dy smlm seng2 jep msuk pdhl dy attact skali jep kot . indon yg attact byk2 kali pung xmsuk haha this is the first time ecah semngt gle tgk local football . menjerit smpai xengt dunia haha
khairul fahmi , haha hensem kan ? skrg nme dy tga top kott . haish he's the real rescue man for malaysia demo meme hebak ! haha keep it up ok ! mana tahu one day MU nak beli demo , perghh MANTAP ;)

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