Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shinee world

haish , i can't get over how beautiful this pearles scent sky blue ocean is ♥ , someday i should be there too
SHINee (Onew,Jong-hyun,Key,Min-ho, and Tae-min) held their first solo concert in Tokyo, Japan on December 26th. This was the first of two shows the boy band held at Yoyogoi National Stadium. They performed in front of 400 members of the press and 24,000 fans. wahhhhhhhh ;)

I really wish I could have been there. The photos are spetacular! They should consider bringing that mini tour to the MALAYSIA too . THEY SHOULD bring taemin to malaysia for me ! hehe
ya allah , im so speechless while watching minho performances . u got to be kidding mee thiss man absolutely hot !!
huh berkenan sgt laa dgn dress up dorg time nie . nk bju yg jonghyun pkai bley haha why jonghyun crying ? Jonghyun expressed the following message to fans about his performance in the concert:
“I’m feel sad and sorry because the members and I have dreamed of holding a concert even before our debut and I wanted to show everything through this show”

ok he got injured so xdpt la bgi 100% utk concert nie tpikn they will hold two more concerts in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium on January 1st and 2nd.kesian nyee . fighting jonghyun oppa ;)
this one is super killing me , lee taemin why you too cute to be my bf haha . aigoo aigoo ;DD

this scent occur when a big fan of shinee world talk about shinee with the one who's really not intersted with shinee

ude : wahh shinee maybe datang singapore bulan july next year . best gle . nak sgt pegi concert dorg tpi make sure ude dh abis spm lrr so bley pegi.

ahda : ala , ude blajr jep rjin2 4 spm . ntey ble dpt result baik bley jmpe PM then ckp laa kt dy ape hjat ude. ckplah ude nk sgt jmpe shinee and taemin tuu knn (suddently she turn her voice a little bit ksr , mcm suare laki la). she try make PM voice then say : disebabkan awak dh beljr rjin2 dan mendapat keputusan yg cemerlang nah sy bwkkn shinee ke malaysia khas untuk awak.then she try to make shinee voice and say annnyong haseyo we're shinee

ude :whatttt , haha sengal lrr kw nie bley kea mcm tu . bgus sgtt laa klau PM kte supporting mcm tu kih3

haha this kids are the most expensive entertainment i had , thanks . btw i finally success to make her love shinee *wink wink*

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