Thursday, June 3, 2010

forever day dreamer

I'm soo happy and grateful if i can get all thiss

1. bungee jumping
i would definitely love to try this , who's got a lot of money that can bring me to do this haha
i just love to do extreme activities

2. I want my own sewing room
oh gosh , i'm so addicted with button and japanese cotton++ and i love to design a clothes . when i in standard 6 i got a book khas untuk design baju2 but now it's gone since my sister told me that i can't be a fashion designer ( i think she stole that book from me lrrr JEALOUS MAYBE hahaha) but i'm still hoping that mum can buy such a cute sewing machine for me lala so that i can join this PROJECT RUNWAY !!
I'm totally want to join this competition , pray for me ok ;DD

3. Acoustic guitar
this is the one that makes me melt , haha dgn gitr pon jdi laa ecah . this is Gibson Acoustic Limited Edition 20th Anniversary and guess what the price make me wanna scream liked gozilla , cost $5,299 . ble agknye bley beli ea ecah ??

tapi yuna punye still menjadi pujaan hatiku ! ^^v

act i got a lot of things to write but i'll continue it in next post ok ;)

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