Saturday, June 19, 2010

home alone

yaa , disebabkn ecah xabis study lge so hri nie xikut ibu balik kmpg
kne ddk rumah sorg2
ok fine skrg tga hujan and tkot leyy
so nk ilangkan tkot tgk kte princess hour !
but before tu i found this at some1 tumblr
omg i don't realise about the fb tpi xpe laa ecah dh deactivated fb sy

yee tros kn menonton princess hour
i think i was crushing with Kim Jung Hoon
his smile walau ! makes my jantung dupdap2 + cairr babeh haha
lately sgt addict dgn korean actor plus singer plus animax too
lge2 kt rumh asyik lyn channel animax jep ;)

aahhh....i wanaa have my prince yul jaja plus i wish i was that girl *he's so damn cute*
im done kne smbg bce bio lge and get ready nk serabutkn kepala dgn addmath mlm nie
Fighting !

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