Tuesday, June 29, 2010

shoes make me happy

promote rubi shoes kejp lala
lately my sister asyik tron singapore jep , jelous sgtt tgk dorg shopping kt cne ish ish ayah ble nk bwk ude pe cne ? hmm last wednesday angh bru pegi then dy blik rumh bwk levis jeans and rubi shoes . guess wht ? dye kata kt cne tga offer levis jeans 3 for 100 dollar omg ! so damn murhhh argghhhh and along kata lau nk tron singapore crismas is the best bb time au mmg sale thap gabban , kne prepare duit byk2 OK yeah ! so skrg kne lrr struggle kumpul duit bnyk2 so ecah kne la fasting FIGHTING UDE ;)
ehh i heard along nk tgk twilight eclipse kt singapore , kih3 buy for me rubi shoes pretty pretty pleaseeeeeeee

wonder shoes nie dh lme gak ecah aim kt ms org ingt lpas pmr nk blie tpi mhl laa , cpe byk duit minx tolon payungkn bleyy ;DD
jeng jeng jeng , nie la rubi shoes yg ecah nk lwa x ?these shoes are amazing. i can wear them with anything.
they have flats in the same pattern.
see , 20 dollor for 2 shoes ? you got to be kidding me
tarrrra~ they have those cute old school plastic watches in heaps of different colours , grab all of them ude *wink wink*

high heels ? hoho not suitable for me , b'hasrat nk blie ksut jimmy choo time dh keje nanti ;)

walau , sumpah ske gle sneakers tpi nk blie cm kt ats nie xb'kemampuan plak hee

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